Amorgos – the Blue Pearl of the Cyclades

organized-yacht-sailing-tours-greece-amorgos-lThe Greek island of Amorgos is located in the southern part of the Aegean Sea. It is the easternmost of the islands of the Cyclades archipelago, relatively close to Dodecanese archipelago. The island is extracted bauxite representing aluminium ores, sometimes mixed with clay minerals. The capital of the island bears the same name and is in the typical Cycladic style. He is built on a Venetian castle the high of the Hill.

Over the time Amorgos was known by many names as: Patagy, Platagy or Yperia, Pagali, Psichia and Karkisia. On the island there are many remains of ancient civilizations. During archaic Greece existed three independent city-States. It was thought that are included in the autonomous constitutions with the same currency. Amorgos is distinguished by the size and quality of the walls of the ancient towers around the city whose ruins are scattered around the island, ancient tombs, stone tools, vases, inscriptions and other Antiquities.

In the summer of 322 BC is held a great sea battle off the island Amorgos between Macedonians and Athens. The Macedonians with Commander Admiral Cleitus Wise (with 240 ship) defeated the Greeks (with 170 ship) with Commander Ûtion (Euetion).


The island was conquered during the Fourth Crusade in 1204 by the Venetian family Gizi. In 1260 was taken from Byzantium, but in 1269 family Gizi taking it back. In 1310 the fleet of ionians breaks to the island of Amorgos Turkish fleet of the new Ottoman Empire. From 1370 is run by Venice. Conquered by the Ottomans was in 1537.

At the present time is a wonderful addition to Amorgos tourist resort with numerous beautiful and improved roads, paths and infrastructure. It is renowned for its cinema popularity. The island was included in the movie by Luc Besson-The Big Blue (“endless sinevina”). In the movie you can see footage from the beautiful beach of Agia Anna and the monastery of Panagia Hozoviotica. In 2002 the island also became part of the movie of Giorgos Kordelas – “Ariadni”. Thanks to this cinematic glory Amorgos is visited by a host of curious tourists wanting to experience the magic of the seaside resort.


The monastery of Panagia is also a favorite place to visit. It is located on a cliff, built at the beginning of the second millennium, in order to protect religious icon from intruders. The icon is of a public display inside the monastery and dates from 812. Other attractions worth a visit is the architectural Museum, which is set out in the Venetian castle and can be found from all over the island. The island is also suitable for water sports enthusiasts due to the wonderful beaches and crystal clear water. A great way to explore the Amorgos is by renting a boat day cruise, to see all the beaches and the charm of the Islands and Gramvusa Nikuriâ.

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