Magnetic beauty of the islands Meganisi and Fiscardo


  • Meganisi

Meganisi is a small green paradise in the Greek islands, situated 6.5 km. from the island of Lefkada in the Ionian Sea. Its hilly terrain, rocky beaches and picturesque villages, the island is likened to Ithaca. Meganisi is known as “the island of seafarers” and was inhabited only by residents of three villages. The southern part of the island is not inhabited and is elongated drought-shaped tail. All beaches have crystal clear water, surrounded by uncontaminated green vegetation. Moreover, they are rarely crowded and you will have the opportunity to experience an unforgettable vacation in the sunny paradise. Some of the beaches are accessible only by sea, and to be visited should be taken by boat “Vati”. The other beaches are easily accessible and tourists waiting for their weekends. Nearby is also the largest sea cave Papanikolis that is a magnet for tourists. Meganisi can be reached only by water. Architectural excavations revealed that there was still life in the Neolithic era. Then the village was called with the name Taphos – son of Poseidon and ruler of the region.


  • Fiscardo

Fiscardo is a peaceful port resort village located in the northern part of the island of Kefalonia in the Ionian Sea. The area is protected by the Greek government because of indescribable natural beauty. Fiscardo is the only island which over the years has acquired Venetian style. The houses around the picturesque harbor are in pastel colors. Because of the influx of tourists has many restaurants, schools scuba diving and other entertainment for every taste. You will be wrong to visit because the village itself is a landmark, ideal for family vacation and relaxation. The beaches in this part of Kefalonia are covered with different sized pebbles. Bays are calm and ideal for swimming and the water is crystal, refreshing and clean. By nightfall Fiscardo has a different picture. Lights, old buildings, cafes, bars and restaurants, all combined together provide a magical Mediterranean atmosphere.

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