Nafplio – the legendary capital of Greece

Nafplio is located in Argolic Gulf of Peloponnese. The city was the first capital of modern Greece during “Greek War of Independence.” According to an ancient Greek legend, the village was founded by Theseus – legendary ruler of Athens. Nafplio is one of the oldest cities and continues to attract tourists today with its charm and romantic atmosphere. The city existed already in ancient times and was inhabited by Phoenicians, Carians, ancient Egyptians and others. Nowadays it combines unique architecture and culture of the Venetians, Ottomans and Greeks. Over time they have left various architectural traces and the Venetians called it even Naples of the Orient. Over the city was erected and the Venetian fortress Palamidi – a masterpiece of fortification throughout the eastern Mediterranean. In the 16th and 17th centuries Nafplio becomes commercial center of the Peloponnese and something as temporary capital of Greece to the proclamation of the modern Greek capital Athens in 1834. An interesting fact is that it is in Nafplio was crowned first Modern Greek King Otto I, son of Ludwig of Bavaria. For his ascension to the throne contribute great powers at that time – Russia, France and Britain.


Nowadays walk around the Nafplio is a real treat for lovers of cultural and historical attractions. The city is a mix of different cultures and this gives it a cosmopolitan character. At the heart of the old town is the historic Syntagma Square, which is nestled peacefully landmark buildings such as the former Turkish mosque, the building of the first Greek Parliament, Neoclassical building of the National Bank and the three-storey building of the Archaeological Museum. The town is surrounded by the majesty of the three strongholds – Palamidi, Burtzi and Akronafplia. Ramparts form a huge stone complex sealed all great history of the area. The stone streets are so narrow that in some places are hard to walk two people.

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