Poros – beauty with aromate of pine forest and sea breeze

Poros Island is located in the Saronic Gulf and it’s located about 48 kilometers south of Piraeus. It is separated from the Peloponnese by a 200-meter sea channel. It consists of two separate islands – Sferia in the southern part, which is of volcanic origin, where is located the present town, and Kalavriya (which means “gentle breeze”) in the northern and largest part. This two islands are connected by a bridge across the narrow strait. The old name of Poros is Pogon and was considered the island of god of the sea Poseidon.

Poros island is attractive with it’s nature vegetation. Much of northern and western sides  are thick, but in the southern and central part there are old pine forest. There are good roads and adequate tourist infrastructure, making it a popular resort for short breaks and entertainment. There is no airport and island is easily accessible from Athens by ferry or boat. There is also a local bus from the port to nearby towns Neorio and Monastir. The small town of the island is built in tiers on the slopes of the hill. Poros is surrounded by 15 beaches which are located on the Aegean coast. Axel is the most famous among them. It is surrounded by pine forests and offers all the necessary conditions for a pleasant holiday. Although there is no transport line, the beach is easily accessible by water.



In the northeastern part of the island at a place called “Kavos Basil”, archaeologists have found remains of a settlement from the early Bronze Age. This village is the oldest of the wider area of  Peloponnese and is believed to be associated with the remains found on the nearby island of Dokos. Over the years, Poros was under the influence of the Roman and Byzantine Empire. Then he was often attacked by pirates. During the Ottoman rule remains independent. First Greek naval base was established in Poros in 1828 during the Greek Revolution. Then meet ambassadors from different countries to determine the boundaries of a future Greek state, which was established two years later – in 1830.

The island is built in tiers on the slopes of the hill with many neoclassical buildings and interesting sights. The most famous among them is the Clock tower built in 1927. The Archaeological Museum is located in Plaza Korizis where they can meet artifacts and remains of the Sanctuary of Poseidon. The date of construction of the temple with Doric style, not yet specified, although some researchers believe it comes about 520 BC. The temple has six columns on each short side and twelve on each long side.


In the early 20th century among the main activities of the residents of Poros are agriculture – mainly wheat, grapes and olives, also and farming, fishing and shipping.

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