Saronic islands – the natural beauty of Greece

What could be better to discover the amazing corners of Saronic islands, lying on luxurious furnishings of a comfortable yacht with a glass of wine in hand? On our AA Charter board you will feel like a real Greek god…

Saronic islands are the part of the largest gulf of the Aegean sea. There is the largest port of Greece – Piraeus. The Islands are Aegina, Hydra and Poros.


  • Aegina

The island is the largest of the group and has a heart shape. It is located 27 km from Athens. Aegina was the first capital of Greece for 2 years after its liberation from the Ottoman authorities. According to legend the name comes from the nymph Aegina, who was kidnapped from Zeus and brought by him to this island. With the birth of her son Zeus has ruled the island.


  • Hydra

Hydra is situated near the east coast of the Peloponnese peninsula. Port of Hydra is the largest place on the island, which has a crescent shape. The charm of this paradise lies in the cobbled streets and tidy houses with red tiled roofs and colored doors. People moves with horses, donkeys, mules and bicycles, because there is no motor traffic. It is believed that the island’s name comes not from the mythical monster Hydra (sister of Medusa), but from the Greek word for water. Hydra has a very dry climate and that’s why the people reserves large tubes of water and even keep melted snow from the winter.


  • Poros

It is a small island, divided into 200-meters sea’s channel in the Peloponnese. It consists of two separate Islands connected by a bridge. It is believed that Poros is an island of the sea God Poseidon. According to archeological findings the island was populated even in the Bronze age. A magnet for tourists is also a small town, which was built amphitheatrically on the slopes of the hill. Poros’s greatest attraction is the clock tower built in 1927.

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