The underwater wonders of Kea Island

Kea island is hilly part of the Cyclades. It is located 60 km southeast of the capital Athens. The climate is dry and the terrain is mostly hilly. Therefore the island is less frequented and most people inhabit the Gulf of St. Nicola. The only ferry connections are the neighboring Lavrio and Kitnos, which makes it all the more remote and one of the least visited islands of the Cyclades. The capital is Ûlida which is built amphitheatrically. Apart from the hills and sandy beaches are surrounded with warm and bright blue water. Kea hides its charms with its idyllic landscapes, there are numerous lagoons and secluded beaches, suitable for proponents of the natural environment. There is even a large stone in the shape of lion, which dates from around 600 BC.


During the classical period Kea has been home to many ancient Greek lyrical poets and the physician Erasistratus. During the Byzantine period was built many churches. In 1204 onwards, the island was captured by the Venetians in the wake of the Fourth Crusade. He joined Greece after the war of independence in 1821.

Kea is famous for its rich marine life. You can enjoy the amazing water diving due to the fresh and clear water with excellent visibility. The temperature is perfect for bathing-ranges from 20 °-26 °. The curious fact is that in 1916 the largest ship HMHS Britannic and RMS Titanic’s twin is sunk in World War I near Kea island. Therefore the diving is more than attractive for divers because they can glimpse the remains of this great ship, as well as the unique paddle from the sunken in 1868 steamer Patris, etc. findings.


In addition to diving, Kea is attractive for tourists to yachting. Accommodation on the island is extremely diverse and designed for every wish and taste. The settlements have turned into small towns and resorts with whitewashed buildings and houses with tiled roofs. Ypu can rent a room from cheap hostels to luxury five stars hotels.

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